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This document provides an overview of how cookies are used.

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What Are Cookies?

Cookies are small pieces of data that are stored in your browser by websites to enable various sorts of functionality, including essential ones.

Cookies are small pieces of data that are used by websites to store information in your browser. Whenever your browser communicates with a website or service, your browser may pass along cookies that were stored earlier by that website or service.

Cookies can be used for various purposes. They enable essential functionality such as identifying and authenticating users across visits or storing their preferences. However, cookies can also be used with more controversial goals in mind, such as marketing and serving directed advertisements, or even tracking users across the Web.

Each cookie is exclusive to a specific website or a specific service. First-party cookies are stored and used by this website, and third-party cookies are stored and used by other websites or services that are relied upon by this website. When visiting different websites that make use of the same services, cookies for those services may be reused, potentially allowing for cookies to be abused by such services to track users across the Web.

How Are Cookies Used?

This website only uses essential cookies.

This website does not use cookies for user analytics, advertising, tracking, or any other purposes besides core functionality and security. However, cookies may be set by third-party services when using this website, as documented in the section Third-Party Cookies.

Cookies are used for the following purposes only:

  • storing a visitor's choices and preferences
  • keeping this website secure

Visitor's Choices and Preferences

This website uses a cookie to track your agreement to this cookie policy.

It's quite a silly situation, but a cookie is stored to keep track of the fact that you have accepted the latest version of this website's cookie policy. No cookie will be stored if you do not agree to it.

The following cookies are used:

  • cookie-policy
    This cookie is used to determine that you have agreed to the latest version of this website's cookie policy. Its value should be the latest version of the cookie policy.

Authentication & Security

This website uses cookies for authentication and security purposes.

Cookies are also used by this website for security purposes:

Third-Party Cookies

Third-party cookies may be stored by other services used by this website, but you will not be exposed to services that store cookies without giving your consent to use cookies first.

Here's an overview of the different services used by this website, and what to expect:

  • Google reCAPTCHA
    This service is used to determine whether or not a user is human. If not already present, it stores several cookies and sends these back to Google in order to identify users with the goal of preventing certain types of automated attacks and other forms of abuse.
  • Cloudinary
    This service is used to serve different types of media. It does not store any cookies while visiting this website. However, if any cookies related to this service have already been stored in your browser, e.g. after visiting their website, then these will be sent back.

Agreement Status

You can give or withdraw your consent at any time.

Users should be able to give or withdraw their consent at any time. Click on the button below to change your status. If you decide to withdraw your consent, all first-party cookies will be removed immediately. Third-party cookies cannot be removed this way.

You have not given your consent.