An overview of several projects that I'm currently working on, or have worked on in the past.

website for local basketball team

I developed this website for the local basketball team that I used to play at. It uses one of my other projects, the Python package 'bvl-api', to automatically pull information from the Flemish Basketball Association's Data API about team rankings, upcoming games, and game results.

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API Wrapper for Basketbal Vlaanderen

Python module that can be used to consume the Flemish Basketball Association's Data API. Build with stability and resilience in mind, it provides web developers with a stable interface that allows them to retrieve the rankings and game results of basketball teams.

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# retrieve information about a team's competitive standings
competitions = bvlapi.get_competitions('BVBL1004HSE++2')

# retrieve a list of a team's competitive matches
matches = bvlapi.get_matches('BVBL1004HSE++2')